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I have a folder in Plone 5.2 with several tens of thousands of dexterity ("Deaf Resources") items (imported from Drupal using JSON and collective.exportimport).

They are categorized using a vocabulary created with collective.taxonomy.

I have created the index, metadata column and registry record for the collections, so I can use collections, eea.facetednavigation, etc. to list them by categories.

Now I would like to create a subfolder for each category and move the items from each category into the corresponding subfolder (so that the navigation portlet and the breadcrumb bar are as specific as possible).

How could I do this in a massive way? Is there a plugin or script that finds all items of a certain type and taxonomic category and moves them to a certain folder? Or a "folder_contents" view for collections that allows me to select and cut all the search results and then paste it into the corresponding folder?

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Also you've a search box on the top right of the Contents view, maybe it is possible to add a filter there.

With collective.noindexing you can also stop indexing while moving things around, so operations will be quick.

There is always 'Content Rules': /@@rules-controlpanel
It is possible to make new content rules that adds some logic.

If it is ALL, it should not be very difficult to make an action that 'moves everything' (loop through content, check if 'folder exists' (and maybe creates it), move content ( plone.api.content — Plone Documentation v5.2 ) , also doable by making a browser view that let you select folder and then moves everything to that folder.

Of course, it is possible to make it if it is not all also, but requires a little more coding.

Thanks, Espen.

This is ALL (it would be enough if the destination folder already exists and can be selected).

We will be happy to share the results in case it could be of use to someone else.



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