2.12b1 released!

Continuing the discussion from How we got a 10x Performance boost at Radio Free Asia:, the de-facto standard add-on to integrate social networks into Plone since 2011, has seen a lot of improvements over the last weeks:

on July we added support for canonical URLs; this was an important enhancement because Facebook has time and resources to deliver adds to teens feeling "insecure" and "worthless", but doesn't want to obey a simple 301 status code response from your servers.

last week we fixed some bugs, made a major refactor, removed a lot of needless complexity and updated most of the widgets code (Facebook's is still pending). redundant metadata from Twitter Cards was completely removed and Twitter will now respect your privacy… in case you care.

(on a side note, have you noticed the incredible amount of redundant metadata that "modern" sites generate? yes, they promised flying cards and all we got is Twitter Cards…)

today I just released a 2.12b1 which includes a new validator for sharing best practices according mainly to Twitter an Facebook.

these are the current checks:

  • title of content (max 70 characters)
  • description of content (max 200 characters)
  • lead image must be less than 5MB in size; in JPG, PNG, WEBP or GIF formats; larger than 600 x 315 pixels; and with an aspect ratio higher than 1.33.

if issues are found, a warning message is shown to the editor after publishing an item or editing a published item, and without interfering with the current editorial workflow. you can even disable validation if you don't give a… well, you know what I mean.

and we guaranty all these goodies take less than 5 ms of your precious server CPU time, isn't that lovely? is currently compatible with Plone 4.3 only, but I think it's trivial to make it work in Plone 5.x (tests are there and are mostly passing).

next release is around the corner and will:

please let us know what do you think, and feel free to contribute: