Saving Mosaic Layouts with RichText

When I save some Mosaic Layouts, everything works except the RichText tile(s).
(the text has disappeared)

Has anyone seen this before ?

No I haven't seen this before.

Which Plone/ versions are you using?
It is reproducable on certain texts/layouts or random?

I use Mosaic 2.2.3

It does not happen on all layouts, but I have not figured out 'what combinations that does this yet.

It could be that it happens when I have more than one tile / fragment that contains rich text in the same layout.

Update: (I updated the site to 5.2.3 to see if that matters)

When I save a Mosaic layout I get Unicode error.
If I "Customise" the layout and does nothing, the unicode error goes away.

So I assume it has something to do with saving and 'checking if something is text or binary'…

… to be continued…

Update (maybe solved):

I removed the widget definition and added a lot of namespaces. That seems to work. This is the richtext part that is working now:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <model xmlns:easyform=""
    <field name="text" type="" marshal:primary="true" >


PS: I removed all the other fields that are present in my code ( title, description, link, button text etc )