Sauna Sprint 2018 - 2018-07-01 .. 2018-07-08 - Finland

So, a Sauna Sprint is happening again. Here goes for sketching. A suitable location for up to 12 people is booked, but upon interest this we can extend up to 15 people.

Cost of accommodation will be 30€ per person per night. (Plus food and drinks.) Bed linens and a sauna towel will be provided. This can still end up being lower if I sort out any sponsorships. Should any GSoC student-mentor pairs attend, we can sort out a special rate for the student.

The venue is about half-way between Helsinki and Tampere so it's within about 1h 40min (by car) of two airports.

The sprint topic is at this point planned to revolve around polishing the pip installability story of Plone and bringing ZServer into the future. It'd be nice to have a smoother entry funnel for non-Zope-background Python developers into Plone. I'm open for countersuggestions on a topic.

Past editions:



Please indicate your interest / preliminarily confirmation of participation, so I can determine the feasibility of the event. The tickboxes have 3 states, one has to click twice for a maybe.

Finally, for the uninitiated:

There will be

shared accommodation

communal cooking

meeting rooms with wireless networking

ample opportunities for going hiking

or taking a refreshing dip in the pond

and sauna.


Finns definitely have a dry sense of humour :smile:

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the pure fact that "liquorice-flavored yogurt" is actually a thing in Finland is definitely scary beyond belief. Then again, looking forward to it.

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It's actually ammonium chloride flavoured yoghurt.


Sounds like fun. If the location is within an hour or so from Helsinki-Vantaa airport, I'll try to make it for a day at least.

According to Google, the venue is 1h 37min with a car from Terminal 2 of Helsinki-Vantaa and 1h 30min from Terminal 2 of Pirkkala.

Very briefly about these topics:

  • As we should know, Plone can already be installed and add-ons developed with pip, but the experience could be smoothier (merging pip-compatibility to z3c.autoinclude, removing includeDependencies from core, fixing hardcoded ./etc/site.zcml path from Zope2, finding new place for helpers in plone.recipe.zope2instance).

  • The current ZServer will not be ported for Python 3. Yet, some of us depend on asynchronous features provided by asyncore. The goal is to implement replacement for ZServer by using some existing Python 3 asyncio HTTP server, possible aiohttp. In addition to async tasks we would gain websockets support for Plone.


Ha! Throwing the baby INTO the bathwater, I can hear the Onna guys egging us on to switching to Guillotina :wink:

Not so fast. We can have nice things on Plone too. We've been using asyncore based async tasks (collective.futures) with Plone from 2014 and decoration based (ZCML-free) component configuration (venusianconfiguration) since 2013. And we almost had websockets on Plone already in 2013 (collective.zws).

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Is there a repo for this? Not finding it...

I was kidding, by the way! :handshake:

@tkimnguyen Examples of our usual use cases:

Finally, a one more involved experiment with similar tech: can create large ZIP files from Plone in non-blocking fashion. It collects URLs for the included content, then frees Zope worker threads, and finally downloads all the files for the zip file through HTTP from the same Plone in multiple parallel threads. That's fast, because after traverse Plone can stream blobs in non-blocking manner.

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(for some reason wasn't returning it among the search results)

Thanks, wow

The sprint gathered enough interest quick enough so I've now finished the open offer round of suitable venues and booked a venue.

I've updated the first post with details of the pricing and accommodation.

Here's the zipcode for people to measure up their reachability preferences with:ämeenlinna,+Suomi/@61.2075884,25.0722634,12z/

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If people are of the persuasion to take a non-laptop non-sprint half-day or a full day, there are nearby options (and probably more, just listing rough categories of what popped up quick):

  1. The surrounding national park has various guided hiking / nature tours (for example beaver watching tours) - fatbiking can also be an option
  2. There are guided fishing tours on lake Päijänne
  3. There are lake cruises / hikes / history tours (some combine all three) around lake Päijänne
  4. Organized bouldering / climbing on natural rocks
  5. Organized canoe / kayak / rowboat tours on lake Päijänne
  6. Museums / tours on history of forestry
  7. A day trip to Hämeenlinna

All of these can be still booked up until mid-June or so, but should thus somewhat be planned for.

And one can just do ample sauna, Geocaching, hiking, foraging for berries and/or mushrooms and swimming at any time without any pre-notice.


Onna is here ! :slight_smile: We will not egg you, you will come when its the moment, don't worry :smile:

We are going to organize a sprint on Guillotina by the end of July! Guillotina 3 and management/plone UI are going to be the focus!


Ramon is always telling me to not worry :stuck_out_tongue:

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