Running plone via buildout on Windows / Styling controlpanels

Hi everyone!

Some of y'all may know me from my internship last year at the Klein&PartnerKG, where i also did a talk about our project back then at the Plone-Conference in Ferrara. Anyway, this year i attended 4 more weeks at the company and this time i also did some pretty nice stuff!

At first, me and my boss Jens Klein fixed the "buildout-coredev" to get Plone 5.2.2 and 6.0 running on Windows 10, because always before there was an error occuring.
We also started looking at the installer and tried to figure out what had to be done, but then dropped the task.

I also did some editing of the controlpanels in the new bootstrap 4 style. Amongst other things I redesigned the "Content Settings" and (nearly) all around the "Users and Groups".

See my styling at:


Nice work!

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This is a really cool UX improvement, the users & groups were mostly unresponsive and the user/group listing was a scroll mess on smaller screens.

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Scrolling mess is to some point still there, probably the site-setup portlet at the right need to turn in some drop-down menu to save space here.