Running Plone Robot Tests with Github Actions?

Dear Lazy Web, has anyone here Plone robot tests running on Github actions or know an example setup? Thx, a lazy developer.

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I think this runs robot tests: collective.collectionfilter/main.yml at master · collective/collective.collectionfilter · GitHub


Also this one does that collective.workspace/tests.yml at f7565a64d8b8f74a420adb515728c17a368b7abe · collective/collective.workspace · GitHub

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I followed the example of collective.collectionfilter to run them for Add support for Python 3 in Plone 5.2 and 6 by pbauer · Pull Request #12 · collective/Products.PasswordStrength · GitHub but cannot get it to work. All tests fail with

ElementClickInterceptedException: Message: element click intercepted: Element is not clickable at point (162, 927)
/home/runner/buildout-cache/eggs/robotframework-3.1.2-py3.9.egg/robot/running/ DeprecationWarning: Option 'warn_on_skipped' is deprecated and has no effect.
  (Session info: chrome=100.0.4896.60)

See more · collective/Products.PasswordStrength@b295764 · GitHub

What am I doing wrong?

Maybe the element is covered by another one?
Did you try changing the viewport of the tests?
Maybe Xvfb -ac :99 -screen 0 1280x1024x24 should be something bigger.
Also I would consider validating the visibility of the element before clicking:

Wait Until Element Is visible  ...

Hard to say more without diving deep in to the PR.