Run zope server over https locally https://localhost:8080

I am working on some OAuth + OpenID implementation. The library I am using which is not supporting http url scheme, even in localhost.
Is there any way to run zope server over https in localhost? I have generated self-signed certificate for localhost and installed on root local trust certificate.

Use Apache/Nginx as front-end proxy and SSL endpoint or a tool like Ngrok as SSL endpoint.


Apache/Nginx as front-end proxy and SSL endpoint

This is good idea, but if I running Functional UnitTest with ZSERVER fixture (I have to) you know the port number is random.
Right now I am actually make some override methods to allow localhost with http (may be that's bad idea)
I will looking at Ngrok, thanks for sharing

The port is 55001, or set the port as an environment var.

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@jaroel thanks