RSS/Syndication - can we show the most RECENT items in RSS? Is there anyway to control how Plone chooses which items to syndicate?

Hey fellow Ploners,

We are utilizing the syndication functionality which is quite nice in Plone 5.1. We have our syndication settings set to only allow 10 of our news items to be syndicated at once.

However, we've noticed that Plone is not prioritizing the most recent ten items; it seems to be picking ten at random, or maybe even the ten oldest. This is obviously a problem, since whenever we make new news items, they are not being featured in the RSS feed Plone creates.

Are you guys aware of anyway to configure Plone's syndication to choose the ten most recent items to be syndicated? Or, more generally, are you guys aware of anyway to control the order/preference Plone uses to choose which 10 out of the items to syndicate?

Thanks so much for any light you all can shed on this -- the Plone community has been a godsend to my developers and I and we couldn't be more grateful for the help you all have provided. :slight_smile: :pray::pray::pray:



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maybe this post could have a relation to your problem ?

Thanks for sharing, @gp54321! We're taking a look.

Of course, it seems that, whenever I post here, I figure out how to solve the issue, or at least workaround it, even though I thought all options were exhausted.

A workaround we found for this issue: by creating a Collection, and using the RSS feed for the collection as opposed to the RSS feed for the news folder, it's possible to have more control over the order of the feed. With Collections, the sorting and display options are very flexible, and this is how we were able to solve the problem, at least for now.

Thanks again for the help, and hopefully this can be of assistance to anybody experiencing the same issue with syndication.

yes the news folder is created unordered and there is no way to order it in a normal way.