Right-To-Left Language input in Volto

Hopefully not reporting this too soon, (writing this is what brings the bugs out) but I'd like to say that RTL input seems to work well out of the box.

Rendering the saved page needs to have a 'dir' attribute or CSS 'direction' rule (totally expected) but the Volto text widgets are functioning with Arabic.

At least our english-speaking cut-and-paste tests are working, but it's likely that native language users will have a similar positive experience.

This question came up at the conference, so I just wanted to at least answer on progress.

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Cool, I was just thinking about that the other day. Feel free to open an issue for making sure the dir and direction get set correctly based on the current language.

Even better than first thought. I'm working right now on it with

It's auto-detecting the language in volto text widgets.

What's the right term? "Volto Block in Input Mode?"

I should let @isyan type this up himself - he's the one doing it.

The 'metadata form' (that tab where you fill out dexterity fields) is not automatic, which we might give some love to.

But the Text Input blocks in Volto are working very well, and we thank you.

The text and description blocks auto detects the input and adds dir="rtl" when the input is right to left writing.