Review For GSoC Draft Proposal

I'm Mostafa Magdy, and I'm reaching out regarding the review of my draft proposal for Multi-columns row with drag-n-drop support between row and columns project.

While I've already submitted my proposal and requested feedback from my mentor, I understand that their schedule may be busy. As time passes without a response, I believe it would be beneficial to seek assistance from other active mentors within the Plone community, if they are available.

I recognize that everyone has their own commitments, so I genuinely appreciate any time and assistance that can be provided. Your feedback would significantly contribute to refining my proposal.
Thank you.

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From Google Summer of Code Project Ideas 2024

potential contributors may discuss application ideas with Mentors in the Community Forum.

From the section "Don't be disrespectful":

Pinging 4 or 5 other developers because you didn't get an answer is considered rude as well.

I also consider it rude to ping someone who is not participating in GSoC 2024, such as myself. All I do is point GSoCers to references.

Sorry for this i didn't mean to be rude to you, I only found you quite active in the community trying to guide newcomers.

But your role now clear and sorry again.

Thank you for your time.

the proposal application process will end today, after the application submission is closed the review and selection process begins