Reusing the collective.xmpp.* packages

Hi folks

I'm going to work on XMPP integration into Plone again.

I'd like to continue working on the collective.xmpp.core and packages, but the changes I'll be making are comprehensive and backwards incompatible, so I'm wondering whether anybody would object to this.

Specifically, here are some large changes to be made:

  • Replace Ejabberd with Prosody
  • Remove all Twisted code
  • No more storing of XMPP account details in Plone, instead Prosody will use Plone as an external authentication service (which means your Plone account automatically becomes an XMPP account).

Some optional extras that might be included eventually:

  • Allow contact rosters (i.e. "Friends") to be managed via Plone

Removing Ejabberd and Twisted, means that any older collective.xmpp.core installations might not have a clean upgrade path.

What do you think about this? Is it ok to continue working inside the collective.xmpp.* packages, or should I start with a new namespace?



Just to add to that, if I were to use the existing packages, the changes would obviously imply new major version releases.

Awesome! I would re-use the existing packages and namespaces...

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Thanks @tisto

Ok, so after working on this for 3 days, I've decided to not reuse the existing packages.

After making my changes I noticed that there's now no clear distinction between collection.xmpp.core and and that the split needlessly complicates things.

That, coupled with the fact that there's no upgrade path from the older versions and that the newer versions require a different XMPP server and has a different architecture convinced me to put everything into one egg, which I'll call collection.converse.

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