Reset sites xml registry


while developing our theme on site with content in already (bad idea, i know) i fiddeled with the creation of a separate viewletmanager in plone.portaltop.

After running into issues, i copied the theme to a separate, fresh plone 4.3.18 install and fixed the issue. The viewletmanager shows up when our theme is installed, and everything goes back to normal when i uninstall our theme and activate a plone default one.

After copying the fixed theme to the production system, the custom viewletmanager does not show up at all. I uninstalled the theme with the old, unfixed version, stopped plone, copied the fixed theme over, restarted plone and installed the theme - the viewletmanager does not show up at all under /@@manage-viewlets. There are no errors showing up on run bin/client1 fg when installing/uninstalling the theme or calling @@manage-viewlets. The viewletmanager with its new viewlets does not show up at all.

My guess is i messed up the plone database with my broken viewlets.xml. Is there a way to clean the database from any generic setup stuff and regenerate everything by executing all gs profile steps in a row ?

We have quite some content in the site. Exporting the content, clean up the instance, an Importing the content i do want to avoid if there is an easier solution in fixing the database in place.

Thanks for any advice. And Keep up the good work !

You can upload and enable / disable a theme in the control panel.

BUT: for viewletmanagers etc. a profile has to be installed. In other words: You will need to install something from the 'add-ons control panel'.

Is it possible that you did not install the 'theme' add-on for the new site ?

BUT: for viewletmanagers etc. a profile has to be installed. In other words: You will need to install something from the 'add-ons control panel'.

Thats the key point. I have my theme developed in an own installable product, which i can install/reinstall, and what i did, several times during development.
But i did a programming error, in fact i recursively called the viewlet with the viewletmanager inside its corresponding page_template file. And i did other errors i cannot remember. The result were sporadically "error rendering viewlet xy" in production runs which i ultimately wanted to fix.

According to the docs:

`If you edit profile files, you need to either reimport the edited files using the portal_setup tool or fully rerun the add-on package installer in Plone control panel.

This import will read XML files and change the Plone database accordingly.`

I have a strong guess that i somehow messed up that part of my production database with bad content inside my default/uninstall profile files during theme development. In a vanilla Plone install my fixed viewlet and viewletmanager show up as expected when i install my theme, and i can cleanly uninstall them.

On the production site, the theme gets installed and shows up, but the viewlet and the viewletmanager are completely missing, without any error message occuring, even in instance fg mode.

I just have no clue in where to look after the messed up parts in the database, i.e. where those profile data alters the database. Maybe there is some part in the zmi interface dealing with exactly that ?

My thoughts are as follows: Cleaning the registry information completely out of the database, and the let every be cleanly reconstructed by executing the necessary, that is all, registry import steps in the right order. Is that at all possible ?

I will look for a clean way to extract my content to put it back into a fresh install in the meanwhile.