Reserve your place at the Plone Open Garden in Sorrento – sprint on headless CMS, Zope 4, Plone 6 roadmap

The luxurious Hotel Mediterraneo has arranged wonderfully low room rates for us, though they were guaranteed only until February 28.

IF YOU'RE STILL INTERESTED IN ATTENDING PLEASE GO AHEAD AND REGISTER We will do our best to work with the hotel to get your reservation accepted.

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In this event, can I get to know Plone and his revolutionary projects better?

@Natanaelds Totally! It is a great opportunity to get know and work on Plone in a very relaxed and inspiring environment. 2013 was my first PLOG and I try my best to be there every year since. If you have to choose between the conference and PLOG, I'd say: "both" :smile:

@pbauer Great, I'll look for more information on this.

Thank you!

I've updated the news item at

PLOG has traditionally been mostly discussion oriented, and less so about coding. We will sprint on:

  • the new Plone headless CMS initiative: help us develop the product marketing, documentation, branding, targeting around Plone+RESTAPI and plone.server
  • Plone 6 roadmap argument/discussion
  • organizing & documenting & "frameworking" the various installers & ways to deploy/try Plone (cloud deployment, Docker container options, Bitnami & Amazon images, VMWare images); this would be marketing/documentation, but also some technical; identify audiences better, and figure out how to guide each audience to the proper option
  • Zope 4 (OK this one is more about coding but will need documentation & marketing)

Philip is also the official PLOG "special elevator" operator / tour guide.