Rescue my plone

Could you please help, i have reached a point of messy confusion to rescue my possibly lost access to plone site because the vm is not startind after update

I do not know how your VM is done, but if you have a way to access its files, you can copy:

  • /path/to/plone/var/filestorage/Data.fs
  • /path/to/plone/var/filestorage/blobstorage

then rebuild a new fresh instance, and put those copied files at the same location, and you will get your site restored.

A more precise question will increase the likelihood of getting good answers.

Thank you guys for the quick reply. I think the part that stick most is that the plone services are not avaialable to kick start them or i might be missing the right command to start the plone services. On the VM (linux) it carrys another website which is accessible but plone site.
DO you know of a quick and easy setup guide that will help installing plone from scratch and copy the data.fs s othat i can rescue the data. OR is there a way to view the data.fs file or extract it to a text or csv. Any advise is much appreciated.

Thank you all.

You will find information about launching your Plone service here:

There is no way to extract data from the Data.fs but using Zope or Plone tools.

Thank you Eric, will give that a try now.

I built new plone and copied the old data to the new relevant directories:

After logging in to the plone i cannot see the information from data.fs or blobstorage. Any clue please?

I assume you stopped the Zope/ZEO server before copying.
(and that you dont have a cron script that started it if it went down)

Ahh, that is something i did not do. I have not really thought of it. will restart the services or maybe i just restart the server... i test it again. Thank you