Request: Plone UK Community

We'd like to create a Plone UK community, to stay in touch with fellow plonistas in the UK, e.g. planning events and so on

Hi Christian! Go ahead, it should be as easy as creating a sub-category for 'LocalCommunities'. Best greets, ida

I created it, Christian might not have permissions?

I didn't see anything that allows me to create a subgroup, lso I guess I
don't have permission

Is there a way I can subscribe to all posts in a community so I get notified via mail if a new topic/reply has been added in that community?

have you looked in your personal preferences?

Right! I can watch categories :slight_smile: I missed it because it was beneath the fold

It would be nice though to have a button to do this as there is on a topic for categories too, thats where I was looking for it.
I think we should report this upstream in discourse as a feature request

Hi, thanks for setting this up. Can we/you edit the sub-category to the following ?

This sub-category is for Plone Users in the UK - used for organising meetups, gatherings & sprints etc.