Request for Talk Proposals - [London Meetup: Jan 29th 2015]

Hi all,

Happy New Year! Trust you are all well & Ploning happily.

It's a good time to remind you all that the Next UK Meetup is less than 4 weeks away & I'd like to get some talks lined up, so your input would be very much appreciated....

We've had some a couple of suggestions for talks - either working with portlets, or understanding/debugging the Zope DB.
Otherwise Case Studies are always interesting for a broad range of people.
Or you can suggest an Open Space style discussion about a problem with no obvious solution, and that will pretty much drive itself... (though it's worth checking this beforehand in case there IS an obvious solution)

Anyway, ... can I ask you to throw some ideas out in this forum...

I am considering speaking on the collective.cover product, which (as a precursor to the long coming Deco) can be used to manage pages using tiles.

All the best for the year ahead!