Request: Buy your conference tickets for Tokyo

In order to better plan the logistics of the 2018 Tokyo Plone conference it would be really helpful if all people that already know they are coming, buy their tickets as soon as possible. This helps the organizing team a lot in planning for T-shirts, food, and the like.

Note that it is now possible to buy multiple tickets, for instance for multiple employees in your company.

If you're unsure of going, just a reminder that

  • Tokyo is awesome (and much more reasonable to get to and stay at than you think)
  • meeting fellow Plone people is awesome
  • so the combination is simply unmissable :wink:

Oh, one more request. If you already know that you are bringing significant others, kids, grandparents or simply friends along for the trip (who do not come to the conference itself), and you're not a resident of Japan, please let the organizers know how many people you bring along, at This helps in getting more support from Tokyo city.

thanks, and hopefully see many of you in Tokyo!

Paul Roeland


whoops, that was rude. Let me re-phrase that to: Meeting fellow people from the Plone & friends world (including but not limited to: Zope, Pyramid, Websauna, Gatsby, React etc) is friggin' awesome...