Report out for Renewal to Plone 6 Sprint, January 15, 2022:

Report out for Renewal to Plone 6 Sprint, January 15, 2022:


  • @pbauer exported and imported all content from the old site into Plone
  • Open Tasks:
    • Transform RichText to Slate Blocks. We experiment with blocks-conversion-tool and html2slate from ee.volto.slate
  • Result:
    • There is a form in ploneorg.core to migrate RichtText to Slate. It worked well in our first tests. The form will probably move to plone.volto
  • We decided to use blocks-conversion-tool ( since it is more advanced and will see more work soon
  • Todo:
    • Move @@migrate_to_slate form to plone.volto and make it callable a a script
    • Rerun the whole migration and hand over to team for testing
    • Import the custom types (see below)

Custom Content-Types

  • Open Tasks:
    • Make (contenttypes: hotfix, vulnerability) work in Plone 6 and Volto (Views)
    • Make Types from ploneorg.core work in Volto: FoundationSponsor, FoundationMember, plonerelease. They need Volto views

We are still working with a test site set up using Plone In A Box™ to refine the content and navigation structure.

Content work

  • Trying out Volto features, mocking up special views on using Volto blocks
  • Checking out previous test site for content structure
  • frontpage content ideas and mockup
  • navigation discussion refined (see test site)
  • subpage visualization improvements
  • Volto feature discussion and ideas
  • Theming discussion
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We will be sprinting again on Feb. 18, 2022!

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