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Hello Christina, sorry if I'm missing something obvious, but where can I subscribe to the newsletter? Cheers, Ida

Hi Ida —You can sign up at It's on the Plone Facebook page but it's up in the banner and not terribly obvious (especially if you don't use FB!).

Allright, I'm in, thanks. Would be great to have a link on, to let the world know about it. Are you privileged to do so, by any chance?
And is there a web-archive available?

About fb: Is it probably synchronized with's news and events (possibly with a tool like "Contentish"), so folks who do not want to registrate with that company can have equal access to infos published by the foundation? Maybe also the newsletter and's news/events have similar purposes/audiences which might want to be synced.

My concerns are also about the property of the content, which one basically hands over completely to that host (additionally content-retreaval and -exports are purposely not possible, AFAIK), as in contrast to the other open source based services we use and are related to by the same funding philosophy behind.

P.S.: A newletter could be realized on right away, using collective.contentrules.mailtogroup, imho

Here's the archive

About making newsletter available on I wanted to get a few issues out to see how people responded to it first. While I thought (hoped) it would be well-received, I also anticipated little interest. That's why I didn't push the sign up and archives to right away. I realized this would cause frustration for some users but I was more concerned about setting expectations too high by saying, 'hey everybody, here's this great thing!' and then finding out it wasn't sustainable. But it is probably time to make the forms available there now and I appreciate you bringing it to my attention.

About Facebook...I don't think any of the admins are expert/power users so we can definitely use FB better. News there is not synced with but it probably can be. I'll check it out. Not much gets posts on FB news. In the last 3 months, 90% of it has been me reposting news from So I don't think there's a need to sync with FB unless there are significant increases in (relevant) member news contributions.

About using Plone tools vs. other platform tools... When I volunteered to work on communications, I think people got so excited that they just gave me access to platforms that were already in use (like MailChimp, for ex.) so I could get started right away. MailChimp already had a base list of users I could start with so I built the newsletter there. But you have a point, we should be using our own tools... Though it might be best to wait until the redesign is finished. Something to think about....

I've had a couple of minor concerns about content property also. But, I'm not sure whether mine are the same as yours—would you explain it a little more?

It's great we have a newsletter at all now, gracias Christina! No need to hide or hesitate, to put a link on, I think :smile:

Allright, that sounds comforting. Thanks for doing the manual sync-effort.

Yes, maybe a new topic/PLIP. But if you think, MailChimp has advantages, which couldn't be achieved fairly easily with Plone's in-house features, please let me know.

I don't know about their TOS in detail (nor am I interested), but just to put it a little blantly in a worst case szenario: Say, the host decides, and has the right, to delete your account on their arbitrary will. Which can happen, depending on the TOS'ses agreements one confirms by using a service, and has happended, e.g. definitely on MySpace.

But this is a very own topic, probably out of the scope of this forum and never was discussed in the community, afaik. Seems someone just opened a profile, which was then reclaimed by the foundation. And there's also another Plone-fb-account I've seen, btw. But as we're here, maybe you like this article (little old, but basically not much changed) :

Just got my first newsletter, I have an issue with it:
It's so good, it must be on the front-page.
Awesome work, congrats to the communication-team!

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