Report from Plone Open Garden 2017, roadmap discussion

PLOG2017 Roadmap discussion

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  • release Plone 5.1 as RC very soon
  • End support for Archetypes before we can go to Python 3
  • When release 5.1, warn about dropping Archetypes support
  • Plone 5.2:
    • Zope 4
  • some add-ons that make use of RESTAPI (e.g. Pastanaga, React/Rob Gietema, Angular)
  • Plone 5.3
    • Mosaic will still be an add-on
    • option to disable portlets? but need Castle CMS slots. slots as an add on? needs investigation
    • and plone.tiles
  • Plone 5.4
    • some Castle UI features (recycle bin, image/file/video repositories, quick add, content quality check)
  • Plone 6
    • Pastanaga UI
    • full Mosaic: content editor + site layouts + slots (instead of portlets and viewlets) + turn off Diazo rules
    • Drop Archetypes support
  • Headless CMS is already a thing, so frontend implementations of Pastanaga (in Angular and React) will be released at some point (before Plone 6)
  • Go to Python 3 (since Archetypes has been dropped)
  • Login
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