Reply by email, will it work

This is the question everyone is asking themselves. We want to know.

It might work now! Added reply-key to email!

Let's try again.

Hrm. The 20 character limit on these may cut into our "+1" on everything. Will @aclark be able to cope?

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Let's see.. Shall we ?

Yeah, I was thinking we might have to change it to a 2 character limit.

I wonder if mine are failing silently due to length. Is this one going
to work?

Is there a way to post a topic via email, or can we only reply to messages posted to topics?

Currently only replies work through email, but the Discourse team is working on adding post-by-mail as well.

aha. so reply by email does work? testing it.

reply reply

finally a reply, written from my email client

another mail-reply, let' see, if it works...

Oh yes it does! la-la-like it :sunny:

I replied by email and Discourse added a blank message.
I edited the blank message in the browser, and got the error: "Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post."
So maybe that caused the mail-in to fail.

testing again...

Reply by mail is still broken. When replying to a mail, convention is to keep an attribution line and reply to quoted parts. Like so:

On Sep 13, 2014 11:26 AM, "someone" wrote:

Bla bla

Response bla bla

The result in Discourse is a blank post containing only the attribution line, with everything following chopped out.