Are we still using there is like a million spam in there

or have we moved completely to github issue trackers? and should we close

We are working on plans to move our ticket tracking to GitHub. Paul is currently leading the charge on that.


@polyester any news on this? its really sad to see this many spamming in a plone issue tracker.

It is. I haven't had time to work this out; I'm really sorry.

There are some things I have figured out:

  • How to move issues between repos (not possible through github web
    interface, but easy with api and a script)
  • Some promising helper tools/services that make it github trackers much nicer to work with; they are optional and not required, so people can add them to their workflow and others don't have to.

but the big elephant in the room is:
what to do with current issues in Trac.

Some of them have been there for ages; we could possibly 'freeze' them so they remain available for reference but not allow new ones, or be imported over into github. Or some of them should be closed.

I don't think I'm qualified enough to

  • make a final decision on that
  • and implement a nifty import script, if needed.

that's definitely a bigger decision than should be mine even if I had infinite time; it could be a very good candidate for an open space in Bristol.

At some point we need to just decide and implement, but that's going to take some effort. I can do/coordinate part of that: setting up of the new stuff, take care of documenting it clearly to users and developers. But not the decision on old tickets.

The current Trac is dead, we can all see that; Chrissy is valiantly slaying spam regularly but it's a shitty job and shouldn't be necessary.

On Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 7:49 PM, polyester wrote:

I see reply-by-email is still broken, as reported here: Reply by email, will it work


I've been meaning to trial this GitHub/Trello work flow on personal
projects for a while:

... seems pretty tight

Hope it's useful/food for thought


We're just reviewing some legacy code and wanted to understand the motivation behind a decision that was made in the past for a method implementation, and in the comments we had a reference to When you enter this link, you get

Not Found

The requested URL /ticket/7589 was not found on this server.

I'm really sorry we didn't see this discussion sooner. Killing all these links without migrating them or at least freezing them like you suggested isn't the best approach. Was this database nuked forever? Can't we have a freezed trac installation, heck even static html of all issues in, or, something like that, and at least have some documentation for poor souls for old links instead of "was not found on this server"? The ticket I'm looking for wasn't still opened. so it isn't in

@mauritsvanrees @hvelarde any info/opinion here?

I also miss the Trac server but I understand people don't want to have to maintain it anymore.

I also think it would have been better to transform it into a frozen static server but I don't know the implications of that.

We understand that. We even think a downloadable zip with all issues in static html is nice (the way it's now there's only the opened ones), but it has the disadvantage of not being indexed by google.

unfortunately, there is also a huge penalty to be paid in reputation and SEO standing, if 90% upwards of the tickets involve helpful ways to increase various parts of the insecure male anatomy...
and weeding those out is/was impossible. Trac has no reasonable way of dealing with spam in such a way that it never shows up again, you can only 'close' them so they end up with the valid closed ones. It was never made to deal with the spambots of today.

So, everything was nuked because trying to clean all tickets bloated with spam was too painful?