Replace "folder-listing" in standard "view" of Dexterity Content type

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I am currently looking to replace the way items within a folderish content type are presented to the user, aiming to replace the "listing" to instead present the folders content items as a <select>. Apart from this, I would like the view to render the way it does out of the box (for now).

Managed to achieve the intended functionallty in a sepereate view, presenting the item ids in a <select>. What I haven't figured out is how to replace the folder-listing with this intended output. If anyone has an idea on where I can find a good example of this in the documentation and/or point me to any documentation covering this, it'd be much appreciated. New to Plone so chances are I have just missed it within the documentation.

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See portal_types -> Folder -> Default view or Immediate view property (inside the ZMI) or reconfigure these properties using Generic Setup inside your policy package using profiles/default/types/Folder.xml

Thank your for replying zopyx!

Your response enlightened me to some lacking information in my description:

The folderish dexterity content type was created by me, and adopts the following the view_methods/default_view (from profiles/default/types/mycustomtype.xml).

 <property name="default_view">view</property>
 <property name="view_methods">
  <element value="view"/>
  <element value="mycustomview"/>

I have managed to figure out that I can change the default view by adding mycustomview as the value for the default_view. What I want to achieve and have not yet figured out, is adding my custom behavior from mycustomview to the default view. If that makes sense.

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I don't get the point. You have an extra behavior with some extra fields and you want to display these fields somehow inside the existing view?

I want to change how something is displayed inside the existing view, only the items contained within this folderish content the rest (such as displaying title, description, leadimage, leadimage caption etc) is fine.

This is how they're presented currently:

And I am looking for a way to change that way into this which I experimented with in a seperate view:

So, it is meerly to change how the content in a folderish content type is presented.

Thank you for your reply, kind regards,

I usually define a display option this way:

  1. Create a template ( for given content type
  2. I test it /a_content_type_item/example_template
  3. When it's done I go to portal_types and add this template as available view method for given content type (just add example_template on a new line)
  4. In view mode of my content type item I select Display -> example_template

This way nothing is overrided, I just create a new type of viewing the information for given content type.
Maybe useful in your case, too.

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