Render a large collective.fullcalendar

Hello everyone, here I'm again asking for support, I guess not being a developer makes things harder for me to complete :frowning:

I'm using Plone 6 classic installed on docker.

We installed collective.fullcalendar with the idea of using it to render a large calendar in a page that could be use for users to make reservations of a meeting room.

The addon seems to be working fine, but what I do I need to do/configure/add to be able to see a large monthly calendar (like the one that's in webpage) instead of the small portlet calendar included with Plone?


Not on my computer, but I think you can 'enable' fullcalender from the (black) menu to enBle the fullcalender view, for example on a Collection

I will tried on a Collection, I did tried on other categories like pages & folders and I wasn't able to make it work.
thanks !

It didn't work, I even tried editing fullcalendar settings (@@fullcalendar_settings) and couldn't render a full calendar on any page type :frowning:

If anyone already solve this or know what I'm doing wrong or missing, I'll appreciate the help !!!!

Thanks !!!

Did you add a collection, make Events the criteria, click on : Actions-> Enable fullcalender and choose Fullcalender as the view?

What did not work?

I did follow your suggestions and the only thing that change is now I have a "plus/minus" sign which I can use to create an event, but can't see the calendar :frowning: perhaps it's a configuration that I have not done?


definitely there's something wrong with the installation, I just installed a new test Plone site with the fullcalendar addon and it works as expected, it display the calendar as I wanted, I will check the other installation, thx !!!