Renaming a browser view for accessibility

We have a requirement to rename the @@search browser view to @@busca for accessibility.

In the past we duplicated the code and template with a few changes to achieve this but it leads to having to override also a bunch of templates from viewlets to portlets.

I was thinking on just registering a new name for a browser layer for the same template, and overriding the previous one to make just a redirection to the new one.

this seems to me the easiest way but it will cause some performance reduction of course.

how do you deal with this kind of stuff in your projects?

how is this related to accessiblity? Just for the sake of having browser view names localized?

yes; they told me this is necessary for the sake of screen readers.

@idgserpro please correct me, if I'm wrong.

A nightmare with multilingual content.

I don't have the exact requirements on why @@busca was implemented in the first place (maybe @rodfersou will have more information) , but the issue @zopyx pointed out is true: you'll need to have a new render logic in your templates do render a proper @name when in different languages.

yes, it's true and at the end is the same issue: on a multilingual site you have to create different copies of content to make it accessible to people speaking different languages; that's the work of, for instance.

this is another use case: a browser view is not a piece of content; how do you currently solve that, @erral?

We haven't had such cases to rename browser views...

But I don't think that there is a better way than the one you explained. I would add an additional viewlet or some control in the view to redirect to the correct view: if for instance someone arrives to /en/@@busca instead of /es/@@busca