Remove toolbar for ordinary members

How do i remove the left toolbar for users that¨'s not admins?

Add a rolemap.xml to your policy package to profiles/default with:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <permission name="Show Toolbar" acquire="False">
      <role name="Manager" />
      <role name="Site Administrator" />

Can you elaborate, where is this profiles/default-package? Can it be done in the UI or should I include your xml-example in somewhere on the server?

Not recommended, but you can do it TTW by ZMI -> Plone root -> permissions tab -> find permission "Show Toolbar", select the roles, save. This might get overridden on upgrades or other events where the main profile runs.

But if you start a serious project you should start an own so called integration or policy Python package. Easiest is to start here with PloneCLI which generates an rich initial scaffold. Inside this package you find the profiles/default folder. If you install your package as an add-on, the configurations in there are loaded, so the rolemap.

Ok, thanks.