Remove or upgrade zc.buildout pin in ztk kgs

Can we upgrade or remove the zc.builout pin in: ?

It is specifying zc.buildout 1.7.1 which is old and has some nasty bugs that have since been fixed.

Overall specifying a build tool version in a toolkit kgs seems backwards - a case of tail wagging the dog.

+1 for upgrading to a more recent zc.buildout version.
zopetoolkit-1-0-8-ztk-versions.cfg is a copy a file from the ZopeToolKit (ZTK). Maybe it is better to override the requested zc.buildout version in the Plone versions file.

FYI @idgserpro

A discussion like this started 1 year ago in, asking why do we have different buildout versions across cfg files of same Plone milestones.