Remove dates from history of imported and pasted items

Migrating data from site to site, using transmogrifier and copy/paste operations, new modification dates are added; I'd like the remove those dates. Is there an easy method?

A long time ago, someone decided that reindexObject called with [] as idx parameter (the default) updates the modification date. To avoid the modification, there are several options (list likely not exhaustive):

  • use indexObject rather than reindexObject
  • call reindexObject with an explicit (non-empty) sequence of indexes
  • reindex object does not itself modify the modification date but calls the object's notifyModified. You can check what this method does (likely it notifies an event) and intervene appropriately to ensure that things happen as you want them.
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Why reindexing an object is considered a modification
(worth a new modification time stamp)?

I see what's happening, here in plone/dexterity/

def notifyModified(self):
    # Update creators and modification_date.
    # This is called from CMFCatalogAware.reindexObject.

What is @security.private for?