Remove Bika_Setup from Core LIMS Configuration in plone

Hello guys, I am stuck at a point. Actually I have made a module in plone name: "Suppy Orders".
But now i want to delete this setup from the Core LIMS Configuration. Please suggest me any solution.

Hi, I'm not sure exactly what you mean.

bika_setup is provided by Bika LIMS, and removing it would probably result in a lot of errors. It should only be visible to manager roles who have a reason to be back there, so should not get in the way unduly. If you want to prevent a user from seeing it, then that user should have the Manager and LabManager roles removed.

If you are talking about hiding the "Supply Orders" folder that Bika provides in the navigation portlet, you can do it by visiting this page: http://localhost:8080/Plone/supplyorders/#fieldsetlegend-settings - Select the "Exclude from navigation" checkbox there, and save; the Supply Orders folder should be hidden.