Removal from the PLONE Foundation Developers team


I just got notification that I have been removed from the "Developers" team on the "Plone Foundation" organization. I am not sure why this has happened. I am still yet to finish my training in order to create a clear plan for my project proposal. Does this removal affect my chances of being accepted as a contributor and being part of the team?

Please advise.
Thank you,
Evi Edor

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I also got the same notification I have submitted my proposal but got the mail a few minutes ago. I haven't made any PRs till now is it because of that or something?

Hello Evi, Vansh,

I will post a clarification for the change of teams this afternoon on Community and on Discord. We've had some security related incidents recently where the permissions of the Developer Team are too broad for new members that have just joined our community and development process on GitHub.

You are now a member of the contributors team. You can create new issues and repond to issues. If you want to contribute to the code, you can fork a repo to your own user space, work on a branch and create a PR from there. It's not needed to create a branch on the official repo for contributing if you desire to do so.

With kind regards,

Fred van Dijk
AI-Team (System administration team)