Remote Sprint to finish Plone 5.1 on August 28.-30

Beloved developers!

On August 28./29./30. there will be a remote sprint aimed at finishing Plone 5.1. If you want to participate please simply show up, say hi and grab a ticket


  • Cleanup and sort tickets
  • Identify and fix remaining issues
  • Write an upgrade-guide for Plone 5.1
  • Release a release-candidate version
  • Have beers

If you are more of the futuristic type you can also work on PLIPs for future versions.

What can you do? Easy!

  1. Create or find existing tickets in
  2. Tag the ticket you want so see fixed before a release with the tag "sprint"
  3. Help fixing the tickets or hope someone else will fix them.

I'll invest some time before the sprint to triage tickets fit for the tag "sprint":


Please drop a reply here if you can participate!


I would suggest that we use the gitter channels instead of slack, as there are the most activity recently and it is more open and well integrated with github. I opened a room for general sprints
Also we should use jitsi instead of hangout, because we had to much trouble with more then 10 people in a hangout room:

@pbauer just tell us if you would be fine with this changes, so that everybody is on the same channels :wink:

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Sure thing, we can use gitter and Jitsi for chat and video-calls. Thanks for the suggestions.

cool, @pbauer can you update your post with the infos then, so nobody gets confused :wink:

Since only three people showed up today and I have a dumb cold wer decided to move the sprint to next week (Monday 28. - Wednesday 30. August). See you then!

Hi Philip! Sorry to hear you're sick. I will help, but I may not be able to
do so synchronously. See you at the board meeting,


Haha somehow email replies have been re-enabled? WTF :slight_smile:

Tomorrow the sprint begins! I'll start work on the upgrade-guide.

The morning standup was not really packed (timezones and holidays).

The next standup will be at 7pm CEST (5pm UTC).

Here are the tickets being worked on so far:

Report form the evening standup:

  • Maik made a release of bobtemplates.plone 2.0 :tada:
  • Upgrade-guide is done. Tomorrow Philip will run migrations to see if we missed anything
  • Eric broke the build repeatedly with diazo :smile:
  • A couple if issues were fixed. For details see:

We plan to do a rc1 release this week after the sprint. So if you want tickets to be fixed please join us!