Remote Server Log In

Hi, where do I find the remote server log in info to give my web host? I want to move my demo site over to them.

Hi – I think we need more context. You created a demo Plone site and want to move it to a web host? Plone installations are not so easily moved; you usually install it in the new server and copy the Data.fs and blobstorage.

I was given a demo site.

I have a copy of Plon on my web host's server, but was given a demo
site, the web host neeeds he remote log in details to copy everything
over and replace the version on their server.

Is the demo site visible on the internet? What’s its address?

ot visible, not sure how to make it live.

NoThe dm site isn't visible.

Could you ask the person who gave you the demo site to post here what they did, and how?

I've been trying to get the remote server details from him, and he
just told me not to bother him. I feel as if some information is
missing, but not sure what. He gave some installation code, but my web
host specifically request log in details.

The original Plone demo site is visible.

The plone site is the demo site ending with .info They won't let me post links.

Should I try another demo site?

Please stop with your nonsense - here and now!

As stated in my public reply:

  • there are several demo sites that can be used for testing Plone - including mine (
  • the sites are for testing
  • their content is being wiped out after a particular time (every 12 hours on my site)
  • none of the sites are intended for private content authoring for the obvious reasons given

I also explained that multiple times in private emails.

Instead, you request

  • a site without content reset
  • admin credentials for accessing the database
  • everything for free

I also pointed you to "Docker" for running the image used on yourself or by someone doing the hosting for you.

For the record: runs as

docker run --restart=always -d -p --name plone-52-demo zopyx/plone-52-demo

These are the facts...and now please stop bombing me with private requests for providing services that are beyond the support you can get here for free and voluntarily. I consider your behavior offending (mildly spoken). In particular, requesting admin credentials for my installation for whatever purpose is far away from being acceptable.

Nicole via Plone Community wrote at 2019-11-3 21:24 +0000:

I've been trying to get the remote server details from him, and he
just told me not to bother him.

I fear we cannot help you with this:

  • we do not know which "remote server" you refer to;

  • log in's are (by purpose) confidential; almost surely, nobody here
    knows about the one you need.