Release 2.0 for collective.taxonomy

Hello all,

Who could prepare a release of collective.taxonomy?


Try pinging one of the maintainers on

@ericof have you came across this problem?

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It never happened to me, but now I'm also looking into

Should we try to help there, merge and then release?

@agitator @ericof I think it's good to merge the current (simpler code) state of and go further with it... I'll write a test for the uninstall handler then it can be merged too ... ready for release afterwards. keep you informed!


@ericof @agitator I've tested and merged the uninstall handler.

Since the ordering problem is not reproducable on a plain plone installation for me we need to do some more investigations on ...

apart of that I'd go for a release 2.0.0 ! ...

erm ... @ericof you're the only one of us (@agitator and me) who can do a relase :wink: either you give me release rights (petschki) or you could do it for us :pray:

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I will do it later today :slight_smile:

@petschki, @agitator
Could you take a look at ?

Done: collective.taxonomy 2.0 released