Related objects not shown after renaming plone site id


after renaming the id of a Plone Site (5.2) and reindexing, the related items are not shown anymore on the frontend. Strangely enough the related items are shown (with full path) when editing.
I tested this also with a new Plone Site. After renaming the site even newly created objects don't show the assigned related items.
Anyone knows how to fix this?

Renaming the site ID is still not officially supported
But IIRC a rebuild of the relation catalog may help. The add-on collective.relationhelpers offers this.

Thanks Jens,

rebuild of the relation catalog indeed works. I hope nothing other gets broken by this.

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@mck The collectionhelpers add a nice control panel on Plone 5.2 that lets you inspect every and all relations stored in the relation catalog.

Also collective.importexport has an export (and import) view for all relations so you can inspect them from json where the uuids are used in the json.

Im a vanilla Plone site there are only 2 types of relations: * those from the related tems widget

  • linkintegrity data to speed up its reporting when you delete content for example

The linkintegrity relations are not problematic to lose (or to migrate, I first thought I had to do this last year for a migration) as there is an admin view documented on the package readme that scans all content and recreates those.

Normally it fixes up things. I didn't see it breaking the DB.