Register viewlets for TTW types

Is there a simple way to register a viewlet (just) for TTW types.

I assume I could make a behavior (and register it for that), but would prefer if there was another (more direct) way.

maybe using

<property name="schema">example.conference.presenter.IPresenter</property>
``` ?

there is way - take a look at the docs:
(attn: viewlet = factory(context, request, self, None).__of__(context) will not work in plone 5.2 any more -> remove __of__(context))

you need to render the viewlets as browser pages. these pages can be used for any other purpose also for views of ct-types. e.g. '@@viewlets/<>' or simple add the viewlets in your code with

<div tal:content="context/@@viewlets/<>"/>

        allowed_interface="<your tools interface>"
        layer="<your theme layer>"

this would be a dynamic solution.


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