Regarding an issue I'm facing while setting up the Volto backend environment.

Following the instructions in the documentation, I attempted to start the backend server using the command pnpm start in my terminal. However, I encountered the error message "ERR_PNPM_NO_SCRIPT_OR_SERVER Missing script start or file server.js."

This error indicates that pnpm, the package manager used in the Volto project, can't locate the necessary instructions to launch the backend server.

To provide some context, I'm working on downloading and setting up the Volto virtual environment as specified in the Plone Org documentation.

Can someone be able to offer some guidance on how to resolve this error and successfully start the Volto backend server?

Below I am attaching the screenshot of the error i am facing.

pnpm starts the frontend server not backend.
What guide did you follow exactly, post the link and write the history of commands so that we see exactly what you've attempted before the error.
Feel free to write them in a gist and post the link here.

Thank you @ichimdav .The error was due to older version of nvm installed in my os i have fixed the issue. Thank you for yur time

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