Redirection tool

Plone 5.2.2 - we are trying to recreate some aliases/redirections.

I am always getting the error message Cannot use a working path as alternative url e.g. when trying to /foo as URL.

The German translation is talking in this context of "Arbeitskopie" aka "working copy" which is completely misleading here.

Sound like a translation problem where the English error message is somewhat ambigious already. I get the same English error untranslated in a Dutch website: when the /foo url is already 'occupied' by an existing item you get this error message.

Working is used in the sense of 'something is already working/available/present on this path. But a 'working path' is indeed easier associated with working copy".

Maybe we should first update the English error message. Native speakers to the front of the row please. :wink:

yeah, but the functional problem is that actually none of the paths is accepted...

I think you end up here:

Not sure why you would end up with something traversable to, but hey a pdb is only 5 minutes away.

...after vacation..I smell some incompatibility with INavigationRoot