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I read on under Recommended:

2 GB or more RAM per Plone site

40 GB or more hard disk space

Does this mean for every website I want to add I need 2 GB of RAM and 40 GB of disk space? Maybe only for the first installation of Plone?
And how many GB of RAM and disk space I need adding another Plone website after my first one?


Hi @microweb – that is only for the first installation of Plone. Subsequent sites you add will require varying amounts more space, depending on files, images, and video you add (those are the most space consuming). In terms of memory, it will also vary. Each case is different so it's hard to give a specific number.

Small Plone sitex require small resources, large sites require large resources.
There is no rules of thumb. Upload a 10 GB video which is only one content object but 10 GB of data....You got the point

With regard to RAM. TLDR: it's your cache size * how many concurrent connections you need to handle. But the amount of RAM needed for additional sites is less than the first one as you can reuse RAM used to load code amoung threads.

A zope application server uses multiple processes and can be configured with multiple threads and different cache sizes. You would add more threads or processes to handle more requests at once. The RAM you need is something like this

processes * ( code_overhead + (threads * num sites * cache_size)) + ZEO RAM

For example I run a platform with 8 processes with 2 threads per process and 30k cache size and it takes around 1.3GB RAM per process and another 1GB for the ZEO. You can vary these things to optimise your setup but generally

  • lower cache size = slower response but less RAM needed
  • higher threads = lower overall RAM per site but starts to get slower if lots of IO such as during cache misses or BLOB reads.
  • more processes = better if you have the RAM and CPU to match

All this assumes you use a different database mount per site. if you add new sites in the same database mount then they share the same cache and your RAM won't increase much but the sites will respond more slowly as their effective cache size has gone down.

Thanks tkimnguyen, zopy and djay

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