Recommendations for a pypi cache solution for Plone and buildout

I'm trying to select the best solution for a pypi cache that can allow me to share my cache of eggs with other local users.

I'm looking at pypiserver, devpi and collective.eggproxy. I've gotten the first two to work and serve files but when I try to point another machine at the cache it fails. I've opened the ports on the firewall of my laptop and

telnet (to the ip of my laptop) responds (i.e it doesn't timeout). In fact when I use pypi-server it lists my packages at

Yet when I configure my buildout to use it:

find-links =
allow-hosts =

Basically when I do this and run bin/buildout it says:

couldn't find a distribution for 'zc.buildout' ...

for devpi at least the url is

afaik pypi is preconfigured in devpi.

And USERNAME is the unix username?

Okay... made some progress, I'm using

I can now get to:


In my buildout.cfg I now have:

extends =
find-links = http://localhost:3141/root/pypi/+simple/
allow-hosts = http://localhost:3141

Now when I run bin/buildout

I get:

We have no distributions for setuptools that satisfies 'setuptools==21.0.0'.
Getting distribution for 'setuptools==21.0.0'.
  Checking for upgrades.
  Getting distribution for 'setuptools==21.0.0'.
Error: Couldn't find a distribution for 'setuptools==21.0.0'.

Try 'index=' instead of find-links