Recommendation for Poll product

We are looking at using a new Poll product for a Plone Site. Is there anything out there more modern than collective.poll ?

@hvelarde ? :smiley:

We added a simple poll (more a customer review) with a few questions lately to a customer site based on collective.easyform - working but not a nice solution (compared to available external poll services and solutions).

You can create a dexterity object, with workflow, and with permission on Anonymous to create it in a particular folder.

There were a discussion on this topic, you can use collective.easyform + script to create soup objects. It depends on what you want from the poll.

Thanks for the replies. We want this in the customer's control so collective.easyform is not focussed enough for this use case.

The ideas about souper are interesting though. Maybe our solution could use it. Anonymous voters isn't important to us as this is intranet based.

collective.polls is probably the closest option, but is may be too far removed from our requirements to use it:

  • we want to see partial results straight after voting
  • visualization of poll results seems like it needs a rework
  • we need to be able to vote on images
  • we might need voters to be able to change their vote