Recomendation for online email host that works with Plone

In another post : Can't configure plone to send email - #6 by rileydog

I list my troubles trying to get my email host ( to work with Plone. @dieter has been a great help trying to troubleshoot. I'm looking for a different option.

However, maybe the easiest thing is for me to move to another email host. so here is my question

What email hosts have people be able to get to work with Plone (not including localhost)?

Am i the only person having this trouble?

I either use sendmail on the host itself or use the Gmail SMTP server.
Any mail server will work, provided your host can contact it.
Moving to another host will add more costs, but won't automatically fix the problem.

You are not unique in this regard, please be patient. There is also the option of hiring someone if time is of the essence.

We're using ... there you have logs and statistics of the delivery state. But its a payed service and you need to have access to your DNS in order to configure SPF and DKIM entries.

I assumed this to be a universal truth.

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@petschki thanks for the name.

I have access to DNS and I've working with my current provider to make changes that I hope will fix the issue.

I've been using Mailgun and it works like a charm

thanks all. I'm still trying to troubleshoot with my current host.

If i can't ill try one of these

OK, with the help of @dieter and @pigeonflight I figured out the problem and I'm in business.

funny: mailgun and mailjet are the same company ... only different color scheme :wink: