Rebooting Plone Tune-Up Days

Way back in the early twenty-teens, the Plone community held monthly mini-sprints called "Tune-Up Days". I'm pleased to announce that we're bringing them back once more.

Where the prior iterations focused mainly on development tasks, we'd like to expand the scope this time around. There are a number of projects within the Plone community that are looking for help, and we'll be using these Tune-Up days to call attention to them. It's our hope that we can take this time to rekindle a sense of camaraderie, giving back, and learning within our community.

We're certainly happy to have developers digging into bugs and working on features, but to be honest, that's always been an easy sell. This time around, we'd also like to invite you and your coworkers to get involved in projects like marketing, documentation, infrastructure, training content, and the website. We know there are some amazing folks out there that are hesitant to get involved because they're not coders, but we do need your help and we'll be happy to find a place for you.

Plone Tune-Ups will happen on the third Friday of each month. Join us in the #Sprint channel in Discord throughout the day to participate. We're asking that those interested please register ahead of time so that we can plan tasks accordingly, but you're also welcome to just drop in and get started.

The first Tune-Up day will be this Friday, 18 August. We hope you (and your friends and coworkers) will join us.