README on add-ons configlet

I was reviewing one of our sites when I stumbled upon the following feature I had forgotten:

as you can see the second add-on has a link to a more complete description.

checking into the code the only thing I see is a README.txt on the package that seems to be automagically included.

is this feature still present in Plone 5? I think is not documented anywhere.

not an answer to @hvelarde's question, but related:

this only works if the readme is located in the eggs namespace and a *.txt file (eg my/package/README.txt)

most packages (including bobtemplates) put a README.rst directly in the package root for nice display on github.

@chervol reminded me on this in

so if we support linking and rendering READMEs in the installer we should think about supporting my.package.egg/README.rst too