README and Plone versions [Add ons]

Would it an idea to extend out best practices for a README to have the version of Plone which is supported mentioned in the README ?

Sometimes it is kind of hard for integrators to find out which version of Plone is supported. Since the old software center will go away this is getting even harder :slightly_smiling:

IMHO this could be useful !

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I don't know why travis doesn't support it but it would be really nice if travis supported badges which said which versions were tested and passed.

+1! that would be really appreciated (although fixing the classifiers in would be even better :slight_smile:

+1! That will be a good way.

Yes, but usually Integrators do not check a, that is more for developers :slight_smile:

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Most people don't even read the README; what I do is set that in metadata to avoid installations on the wrong version.

for instance:

          'Framework :: Plone',
          'Framework :: Plone :: 4.2',
          'Framework :: Plone :: 4.3',
          'Products.CMFPlone >=4.2, <5.0',

@hvelarde yes, but my intention is that a Integrator can see that, without reading a file, and the most Plone Integrators I know, checking these days the README, because they check on GitHub and not on

Taking this further with the new future new and the query/feed about add-ons straight from pypi, we want something so that ppl easy can see which version of Plone is supported.

I a not saying that my idea is the best solution, so by all means if you have a better idea, please tell, but at least it would be a begin, at least if ppl start to use the best practices of a readme.

What you type in does end up on PyPI. For example look at and scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see which Plone versions are supported.
That is also the info that I expect will be parsed by the future query on

But having it in more user friendly way in the readme is good, yes. I try to do that from time to time.

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exactly, having this information in more than one place and in different formats will lead to data inconsistency if someone forgets to update one of those files.

I get the point and yes, that is true, but we need also, maybe a different way, then to make it more user friendly.

If I look with the eyes of a person who is looking for a certain add on for my plone site, currently we are not 'user friendly' at all.

This is IMHO bad, there is a difference between developer/provider and a user who wants to install an add on.

As a user, I do not want to scroll down on pypi to find out which version is supported.

Personally I think a README is even not user friendly enough at all, but to be fair I opened this post with the question for an Integrator :slightly_smiling:

Yes, you are right that ppl may forget to update the README, this is the same problem that we have with /docs. But I also see ppl forgetting to upgrade their sometimes.

To solve this at least partly, we could write a test, that compares the version in with your versions in the README.

Yes, you can do ttd with documentation, just saying ::wink:

Or something in codeanalysis that compares Travis.yaml to what's in the readme and

Sure, why not?

It may be a slight burden on developers and maintainers to have to mention version support in the README and in the classifiers.

what about adding some badges like these ones?

we can create some sort of bridge between Python classifiers and a Plone 5 ready! image, for instance.

Ideally what you'd want is tiny app that scrapes travis to determine if version X of plone passed its test and returned a badge like [plone 4.x: passed]. or perhaps one badge which showed which versions passed [plone tested: 4.x, 5.x]