Read/Post via News (Gmane)

I'am using gmane for over 10 years to read and post to the different plone mailing lists. Please support this feature in here too. It would be a big -1000 for me to not be able to do so.

Not yet at least:

Well, you take away a working solution and replace it with a solution that possibly looks nice but
does not support basic functionality as

  • marking stuff as read
  • filtering
  • marking postings as spam


That is not true. Discourse keeps track of what you read. And posts and users can be marked as spam and will then be removed for all. Nntp is not a solution that is usefull for a lot of people.

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Gmane is a mail-to-nntp bridge, so Discourse actually doesn't have to support nntp to allow reading/posting via Gmane. It just needs a rather careful setup of the gmane subscription address to the mail-interface of Discourse, and it's not completely clear to me (yet) if it can be split out into a good dozen lists, like we now do. Should be possible if people tag their posts correctly, but needs some experimenting probably.

The categories are not yet visible in the emails and you can't create new posts via email yet. So I am pretty sure that won't work.

We have even fewer moderation options via Nabble and it has the added feature of completely ignoring any sort of spam filtering. That means the mods have to patrol both the mailing lists and the Nabble gateway, which just doesn't happen. We're looking for a solution to replace that ugly section of

Discourse gives us better moderation control and lets the users help the moderators by flagging spam or abusive posts.


If I read correctly, you can now create new posts via email. I am really encouraged by the Discourse team's explicit desire to achieve "parity" (and surpass!) email list functionality. Where once I was skeptical, I am now extremely optimistic.

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