Re-ordering language flags - is there an easy way?

Hi there, I was told that in Plone the languages are automatically ordered by their alphabetical order - e.g. when using flags for navigation to different language sites. I could not find anywhere instructions how to change this in an easy way.

I feel for a drop-down menu alphabetical could be fine, but for flags surely you should be able to order them from left to right, in order of importance. Could anyone point me to the right direction here, thanks!

The vocabulary used in the background does explicit sorting.

So the "easiest" way is either to register an own tool overruling the current using ZCA or monkey patching of the existing.

But you're right, it does not make much sense with flags, also given one want to list the usal ones of ones target groups on top. Having them in control-panel sortable and keeping that order seems more natural to me.

It would be great if you create an issue at with label feature.