Quills.app 1.8a1 problem fixed?

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@mactrash continuing your question here, please have a look now to see if 1.8.1 works better for you:

Thanks alot.

I am just a user not programmer I do some simple hack by combine different ready made products to create a site for myself, I love quill a lot... bit since now plone 5 I have to give up quills and all old blog entries... :cry:

I hope something like quills will be available in plone 5 soon and must be get a very long lifespan... I believe blog should be a standard module for up coming plone.

Tonight I just take a look the wordpress... and seems it developed petty well in the past few years.

I understand how the open source world work, we can't push the authors... but I still hope plone developers can catch up.

Sorry for my BS

I forget to thanks all plone developers have create this free system for people like me, Thanks You!

Plone's built in News Items and News folder (and the collection that shows most recent news items) and the news portlet are "ready made" for blogging.

Take a look at Blog addon for Plone 5?

This describes how you can make a blog out of the news items that come with Plone.


Or, you could simply rename your site's News folder to "Blog".

This is an example of such a "simple blog": https://designinterventionsystems.com/plone-blog

Quills 1.8.1 definitely fixed one bug for me...

Digging through some more errors I've found on production servers, thanks to Sentry, I found one in https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Products.fatsyndication but does anyone know where I can find the source code? (I guess I can rebuild a repo from the egg)

Also, I noticed https://github.com/collective/Products.QuillsEnabled (which as far as I know hasn't been tested with Plone 5):

Products.QuillsEnabled is a newer more lightweight and future-proof replacement for Products.Quills.

It improves upon Products.Quills by not implementing it's own portal types but instead gives you blogging capabilities with Plone's internal content types by marking them with special interfaces.

QuillsEnabled allows you to use Plone Folders, Documents and News Items for blogging. To create a blog, simply add a new Folder and select "Activate Blog" from the "Actions" menu, then add Pages/New Items for each new post. Existing folders can be turned into a blog the same way. To change a Blog back into a plain and boring folder, select "Deactive blog" from the Actions menu.

I[quote="tkimnguyen, post:5, topic:3203"]
https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Products.fatsyndication but does anyone know where I can find the source code?

thx @hvelarde who replied in IRC: http://svn.plone.org/svn/collective/Products.fatsyndication/

...GitHub Importer is now chugging away...

The new repo is ready: https://github.com/collective/Products.fatsyndication

can someone grant me (tkimnguyen) and collective Owner role on https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Products.fatsyndication ?