Quickly adding multiple content items "here"

I like CastleCMS's Add dialog, which is written in React, but until I (or someone else) figures out how to get that working fully in Plone, I wanted something quick and dirty. And, boy, is it dirty :slight_smile: and it does not use React...

I need to do something a bit more in terms of feedback when you press Submit (or Enter) and it successfully creates the folder (or Page, etc.), like displaying a message “Folder created” then selecting the contents of the text field so you can just start typing the title of a new folder to add. Also, maybe when you close the modal it should automatically reload the page.

Click to see the video:



Nice! Would be nicer though if all the folders could be entered at the same time, e.g. as a comma separated list.

Multiple text fields could be displayed to let you enter more than one title at a time, but maybe that is not exactly the best way to enter multiple items. You might be thinking instead of pasting a bunch of titles from, say, a spreadsheet?

The problem with multiple text fields is that the number of needed ones is unknown.

From a spreadsheet?! Do you mean thousands of folders? :wink:

In any case, a text area field with one title by line could indeed be nicer than comma separated lists.

Nice. I think if you used restapi to do a search for 5 last created items by you it would give you a nice list to jump off to go edit any of them.

You could use a datagrid field?

Agree, this is a much better approach

Why don't you just make a view with a datagrid field an add them all at the same time.

This would make it possible to reorder the folders as well… if you change your mind while typing.

PS: I guess I Tuple would also work

Great ideas! Thanks :slight_smile: