Quick tip - use portal_resources/theme to remove a diazo theme

This is a workaround, in case you need to remove a theme from your Plone site.

Issue: Can't delete theme, blank modal shows up
If you're managing your themes through the web (TTW). You may have come across the issue where the modal associated with the delete fails. This is what I see when I click delete from the theme controlpanel:

Solution: navigate to /portal_resources/theme/manage and delete the theme
You can locate the theme resource in the ZMI by navigating to /portal_resources/theme/manage.
Just select the theme and click Delete.

The screen looks like this:

If someone can give me some guidance on why the modal comes up blank sometimes I would greatly appreciate it.
I need to do a bit more investigation, but the blank modal issue may be related to this: plone - Ajax Modal Popups return blank in my Diazo theme - Stack Overflow