Quick / Basic Plone 5 assistance


I am looking for assistance with a couple of quick Plone 5 issues in a new install.
Either to hold my hand and walk me thru the process or to do it directly.
Should be fairly quick either way.
Pay for a minimum of an hour. Additional work is likely if things go well.

  1. Tweak TTW custom theme to only apply to items in /path

  2. Add dynamic code to a URL embedded in a PAGE so that it includes default system session id info.

Plone 5 running on AWS using Bitnami

This is for a "quick" proof-of-concept.

I had experience / training with python / Plone but am a decade out of practice and am stumbling over a few basic things.

Hello Merrill,
Hope you are doing well.

I have the experience of python, AWS, Bitnami and most of the python framework (Django, flask, web2py, bottle, pyramid),
but we don't have the experience of Plone CMS,
if you give me a chance to work on this I can try this.

Warm Regards,

@Merrill hopefully you got help already, but for next time you could also try contacting providers listed at https://plone.com/providers


In any case, you need help again,i have been in plone and python for the last 13 years. will be happy to tell you more and help if needed


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